Romantic Winter Vacations for Couples

Winter vacations are the perfect way to bring in the holidays and enjoy each other’s company. This article will help you pick a spot for yours.

What do you need when you’ve had enough of your office? What do you need when you’ve not had enough of your sweetheart? What do you need to drive the blues away? What do you need to bring the pinks back to your cheeks? A vacation, of course! And the perfect time to go on a vacation with your partner or spouse is during winter. It’s holiday season, so you don’t have to worry about taking a leave of absence. Plus, you can escape the chore of cleaning and cooking for the entire family, for once! You’re definitely interested now, aren’t you? Well then, let’s cut to the chase and check out some spots that are excellent for romantic winter vacations for couples.

Go on a fun-filled Florida vacation with your sweetheart and do all the things that you’ve never done. Visit the beautiful beaches all across the state, right from Miami to the other secluded beaches to enjoy your privacy and celebrate your love. Go on boat tours, visit museums, visit winter parks, and there’s lots more to do in Florida. So enjoy yourself!

How can any list of vacation ideas be complete without the mention of Hawaii. If utter relaxation and pampering is what you need then Hawaii has everything to offer. Scenic beaches, golden sand, fragrant flowers, indulging spas, and your partner’s hand in yours. You have any better ideas for a vacation?

Snow, snow and some more snow. If you want to be in the midst of gleaming white snow, then the place you need to go to is Alaska. Among the things you can do here are go whale watching, visit museums, visit the El Dorado gold mine, and others. Or you can just take an Alaskan cruise and travel around it!

If you’re thinking of going international this winter, then one of the most sought after destinations is definitely Switzerland. Wander around in the picturesque valleys, ski and sled down the snow-clad mountain slopes, and then relax by a fire, sipping delicious hot chocolate. Good stuff, isn’t it?

A great place that you can visit in winter if you want to get away from the frigid snow and cold, is Kerala, India. This beautiful southern state is a good winter vacation destination in India. It has earned the sobriquet ‘God’s own country’ and is one of the most calm and peaceful places with glorious beaches, beautiful backwaters, and lush greenery all around!

Caribbean Cruise
Another great idea for a winter vacation is to go on a Caribbean cruise together. Dock at gorgeous ports like Aruba, St. Thomas, Grand Turk, etc., and have wonderful fun on the beaches, with thrill rides, water sports, and the glorious rainforest.

You can choose from the ideas given above and have a fantastic vacation away from all the madness of your lives. Remember to take all the possible points into consideration while choosing a vacation package from your travel agent. Enjoy!

Tropical Destinations

Everyone likes some quality family time every now and again. One of the ways to getting there is spending time with the family on a great vacation. How about taking a look at some fabulous tropical vacation spots for families, so that you can visit one of them on your next vacation.

Some of the best times spent by most people, is that spent with the family. There’s hardly a person who doesn’t have great memories of a vacation, perhaps in their childhood, or even otherwise. Since vacations by default are all about relaxation, and taking it easy, there’s nothing quite like choosing a wonderful tropical destination, where you’re surrounded by sand, waves, palm trees, and lots of sun. What’s more is, a whole lot of these destinations do not necessarily have to be expensive options. A lot of them would fit well within the budget, and act as a trip to remember, for the longest time. Take a look at some of the best tropical vacation spots that families can opt from.

Best Tropical Vacation Spots for Families

Along with being wonderful vacation spots for the family, these are also some of the more affordable options to pick from, so that you can have a great holiday, without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Miami, Florida
It doesn’t get better than having the perfect tropical vacation without having to even leave the country, does it? That’s exactly what makes South Beach one of those perfect locations. With an array of activities to indulge in, a vacation could not be more ideal than heading to one of the best places that Miami has to offer. There are loads of attractions that you can visit, thus allowing you to enjoy your time with your family. Some of the most popular attractions are, Miami Metro Zoo, Miami Seaquarium, Parrot Jungle and Gardens, Everglades National Park, Miami Children’s Museum, to name a few. With a large number of attractions like such, it also makes Miami one of the best tropical destinations for kids.

Big Island, Hawaii
The island of Hawaii covers more than half of the state of Hawaii, and it is purely for the sake of avoiding confusion that the island is referred to as the Big Island. This island makes for an interesting pick if you are looking to spend part of your time on the multitude of beaches, and at other times are into the idea of doing something a little more substantial. The ultimate location for volcanoes, the Big Island houses some of the popular active volcanoes, that are all located in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Other attractions to visit would be Coffee Farms, Green Sand Beach, Black Sand Beaches, and the Kula Kai Caverns. If all that’s mentioned isn’t really your thing, just go ahead with some lazy time at one of the many resorts on the island.

Dominican Republic, Caribbean Islands
The Caribbean is ultimately blissful when it comes to tropical destinations. As usual, if there are beaches, the option of sitting back, relaxing, and doing nothing is always the popular one. But for the more adventurous ones, there is a lot to do as well. Kayaking, surfing, canyoning, jet skiing, scuba-diving, or very simply even swimming, you can take your pick with the activity that suits you best. Then again, not everybody enjoys such adventure. This place has ample good shopping too. Whether it is about shopping for yourself, or buying souvenirs to take back home, you can shop your heart out for all that you are looking for.

Phuket, Thailand
Moving on from some of the more commonly known places that we all know for a tropical vacation, the idea of visiting Phuket isn’t such a bad idea either. Apart from being a really great destination for families, on the whole, kids in particular would love it too. If you have kids that are over 12 years of age, you could all go family diving, or white-water rafting. If you have younger children, or scuba-diving isn’t really for you, how about spending some time with nature, while going for elephant rides, or maybe even visiting the Phuket Aquarium, or Butterfly farm. Slightly older kids would also enjoy some mini golf at the Dino Park. Like every other vacation, this too would be incomplete without some shopping, but there’s nothing to worry about, because shopping in Thailand is really reasonable, and needless to say, it is any lady’s dream come true.

Cancún, Mexico
Located in southern Mexico, a good deal away from Mexico city, is the Mexican tropical paradise of Cancún. This place is absolutely perfect when on vacation with the family, because the best part about vacationing here is the fact that it is extremely inexpensive. What could be better than a brilliant stay and service at the best prices ever? The place has a climate that is almost perfect, and the fabulous beaches only make it better. When you’re done lazing around on the beaches, you could also go ahead and check out the Mayan ruins of the Chichen Itza, and Tulum. All said and done, a holiday in Mexico, will be completely worth your while.

So, the above mentioned were five of the nicest vacation spots. The next time you plan a vacation, you might want to consider one of them. What’s more, you can stay assured that they will not disappoint you. So, bon voyage for your next journey.

Tropical Beaches for Your Next Vacation

Undeniably, the world we live in is blessed with hundreds of wonderful, golden, and sun-soaked tropical beaches. These glorious slices of heaven are lying out there, waiting for us … which one would you choose?

Picture this: you are lazing around on a white sandy beach, soaking up the sun, with the deep blue waters surrounding you and the wind blowing lazily through your hair―doesn’t that conjure up lovely visions of a tropical vacation? From inexpensive to luxurious, and from weekend getaways to cruises, you can choose a tropical beach vacation that suits your needs … there are just so many options. So, if you are looking forward to a good time in a place with sparkling blue waters, tropical weather, and sandy white beaches, then pack your bags and get ready for a mesmerizing holiday in the tropics.

Plan Your Vacation in Style …

1. Bora Bora, Leeward group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia

With a land area of less than 15.6 sq mi, this enchanting tropical island can be covered entirely in just one trip. Though the island is famous for its luxurious resorts and expensive holidays, travelers can find cheaper accommodation options too. In 2013, Travel + Leisure readers, voted Bora Bora as the most romantic island in the world. A quiet, relaxed atmosphere with intimate beaches, over-the-water bungalows on motus, and the much-needed seclusion, this island happens to be the most seductive of the lot.

2. Pink Sand Beaches at Harbor Island, The Bahamas

This small island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. More so, it is famous for its beaches on the east side, all of which are blessed with pink sand. With less than 2,000 inhabitants, the island has an unbelievably laid-back attitude, making it an awesome destination for tourists seeking relaxation. Stroll down the streets and gaze upon awe-inspiring Georgian architecture. You can reach this island by air (North Eleuthera Airport), and then by a short water-taxi trip.

3. Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

If you want to enjoy your tropical beach vacation in the company of thousands, this is your best bet; the Hanauma Nature Reserve draws more than three thousand visitors every day. The bay itself is said to be a 36,000-year-old volcanic crater. Snorkelers and swimmers take special pleasure in the sheltered bay, and are greeted every now and then by several colorful tropical fish. Note that the bay is closed on all Tuesdays to allow fish feeding with no interruption. During summers, the Bay is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., and during winters, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

4. Palm Beach, Aruba

Unlike many Caribbean Islands, Aruba has some of the most spectacular beaches. You can explore exotic Aruban buildings and go golfing at some of the most spectacular golf courses ever. Palm Beach is idyllic for you and the family. Along with the obvious water sports, it has shopping malls, movie complexes, and an upbeat nightlife. Those looking for a holiday with a pinch of glamor―Aruba is the place for you. Apart from renowned, high-rise luxury hotels, you will also find condos on rent.

5. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Few people get the chance to travel to the unspoiled, unmarred, breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Fernando de Noronha. Also, tourists need to pay an Environmental Preservation Tax, which is decided on the duration of your stay. Being a small part of a volcanic archipelago, Fernando de Noronha boasts of towering rock sculptures, natural swimming pools, pristine waterfalls, and exquisite white beaches that are snuggled amongst jagged caves and cliffs. The most beautiful beaches are Praia do Sancho, Praia dos Porcos, and Praia do Leão. Also, the island is one of the biggest sea bird breeding colonies in the South Atlantic.

6. Tulum, Mexico

Crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches greet visitors to this exotic paradise. The ancient Mayan ruins that tower over the beaches are one of the most mesmerizing sites in the world. Sunbathers and swimmers will be swept off their feet with the beauty of the beaches here. Today, it is the third-most-visited archaeological site in the country. Due to its close proximity to Cancún, the sitesees an increasing number of tourists every year.

Cheap Beach Vacation

For those of you planning a budget-wise trip, these ideas for cheap beach vacations should be of plenty of help. Learn how to stick within a said budget outline, whilst still having a ton of fun when on holiday.

There are times when life seems monotonous, and work just seems to pile on without seeming to stop. These are the times when your physical and mental energy reservoirs beg for a time-out. This is when you need to pack up your bags and get yourself as well as loved ones, away from home for a much-needed holiday. When you desperately need a break to unwind and rejuvenate yourself, there can be nothing more relaxing than a beach vacation. The beaches in Florida, Hawaii, the Myrtle Beach in Carolina, Jamaica, the coasts of the Bahamas, and Caribbean, Goa, or Aruba are some of the most popular options for this purpose.

How to Save Money While Traveling

When researching about ideas for cheap beach vacations you need to know the various factors that can cost you money. Deciding the location is the first step. Your expenses for a beach trip primarily depend on the location you pick. While planning a holiday, you primarily need to look at the various transportation options including car rentals or tours and packages which also include planning and reservations for beach resorts and rentals for all the necessary services. In addition to this you need to think of the various activities, which you want to indulge in. For example you can indulge in scuba diving, snorkeling, or any other water sport or adventure and fun activities available at the beach. So, in case you want to have a cheap beach vacation you need to prioritize your options and spend money wisely.

Pick out a beach, which is beautiful and clean but convenient to reach and offers all sorts of accommodation options. There are a few exotic locales, which offer only high-end rentals, and hence, it is best to pick a popular tourist destination which offer rentals and accommodations on a lower budget as well. In addition to this, you can save on the traveling expenses by opting for cheaper airlines or even traveling by road if the destination is close enough.

There are several organizers who offer planned beach tours, however most of these are overpriced and hence it is better to make the arrangements yourself. You might have to invest some time and effort, searching for rental options and hunting for the best hotel deals and finalizing the traveling options, but it will save you some money for sure. In addition to this, instead of hitting expensive restaurants, try the local eating joints and bistros for a different experience. Also, instead of the paid beach activities, just enjoy the beauty of the beach and the crisp waters.

There are times when you need to save on money and function on a tight budget. Vacations are not about the big bucks you spend on traveling to the most expensive and exotic beach. At the end what you remember is how the kids jumped over the ocean waves, and the number of sand castles that you made, or the seashell necklace that you made for your girlfriend. Remember that the amount of money you spend does not necessarily decide the amount of fun you’ll have. Smiles and memories never have a price tag, the cheapest of vacations can turn out to be a treasure box of the most priceless memories ever.