Tips to Plan for a Family Beach Vacation

If you’re planning a family beach vacation but don’t know how to get started, this article will give you some helpful tips to say goodbye to all the confusion. From several pre-vacation uncertainties to post-vacation troubles, we’ll help you with all that matters.

So, what are the most important considerations when you are planning for a family beach vacation? Location, activities, money involved, and quality of beaches are some of the main factors that you’ll probably take into consideration, right? But since you are planning for a family vacation, you might want to ensure that the trip caters to all your family’s needs and desires. Put simply, the vacation must have a little something for everyone, right from fun activities for the kids to diverse recreational options for the adults. We know that planning a vacation is no easy task. But with a few simple tips, you are good to go.

Tips to Plan a Family Vacation at the Beach

  • Before you plan the destination, ask everyone in the family what they’re looking forward to. If it’s just the beach, your job becomes simpler. If not, list down what everyone says and make sure they get it. You don’t want anyone to be sad during a vacation.
  • Most hotels don’t charge money for kids aged 10 and less. Make sure you finalize on one of these hotels. Booking a separate room for kids will not only add to your staying expenses, but also not ensure your child’s complete safety.
  • If you have children that need supervision, avoid parts of the beach with rip tides and strong currents. Make sure that there is a lifeguard on duty all the time and that the area is patrolled regularly.
  • Don’t plan this vacation during the hurricane season. If you don’t have an option, take extra precautions before you plan your trip.
    To ensure your family’s safety, visit the travel section on The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. This section will give your important information about the area you’re traveling to and the medical precautions you need to take.
  • Look for beaches that offer more than just water sports. State parks are a good option here since they have multiple activities.
  • Managing a lot of people is not easy. Hence, plan as much as you can in advance. Have all your dining, shopping, and visiting options listed a week before you travel.
  • Use the Internet to your advantage and search for resorts all over the country. Most resorts offer multiple forms of entertainment in addition of activities at the beach. This ensures that there is something for everyone.
  • Since you’re traveling with family, you already have a group. This way, you can avail great group discounts and offers. From booking your tickets to your hotel rooms, everything can be done under group bookings.
  • Keep in mind the traveling distance. If seniors are going to be a part of this vacation, you don’t want to tire them with long-distance travel. Going to a destination close-by also reduces your traveling expenses.
  • No matter what you do, this trip is going to a little expensive considering that the number of people who are traveling is huge. Thus, try looking for as many discount options and offers as possible.

    Simple traveling tips can make tasks on a stressful planning checklist easy and simple. Use these tips to plan your family beach vacation and you’ll be relieved of all tensions during and after your trip.

Best East Coast Beaches for Couples

Traveling to the best East Coast beaches of the US is a very popular way to rekindle the lost love in your life. So for couples who are looking to spend some quality time with each other, these places can definitely be your safe haven for those precious moments

East Coast beaches of the US always hold a special place in the heart for couples all around the world. They offer tons of options for couples who just want to have some quality time with each other. Beaches are also an ideal destination for newly married couples. Couples who want quality time with each other, prefer going to a beach because it’s one place where both beauty and peace comes as a balanced equation. On these beaches, passion reignites again and couples once again feel the magic of love.

Best East Coast Beaches for Young Adults

Live up the romance in your relationship with few days on the beach where you and your partner can blissfully lay in the sun and sand. Hold hands and have quiet romantic night walks on the beach with your special someone. The following beaches are filled with romance, innocence and flirting which is something that every couple needs after some time.

Hamptom Beach, New Hampshire
Hampton Beach is probably the most preferred beach of many couples. The entire sandy area is filled with great food and games. Couples can relax by lying down on the wide sandy areas of the beach or go scuba diving in the clear waters. Tourists can also catch some great entertainment at the Seashell Amphitheater. The Hampton beach also plays hosts to various cultural festivals which will keep the excitement factor in high spirits.

Bowman’s Beach, Florida
Normally couples prefer going to places which have less crowd and noise and hence going to a secluded beach sounds like a great idea for a romantic getaway. Bowman’s Beach is filled with linen sand and clear waters. Couples won’t see much crowd, but will see other couples who are enjoying some quality time with each other. There’s not much construction on the area, though Bowman does have an added advantage which none of the other beaches have – delicious barbecue grills.

South Beach, Florida
When couples reach South Beach they see the warm sun, blue sky, crystal clear water and nothing but love all around. The beach is filled with amazing views and couples from all over the world come to South Beach to enjoy its night life, stunning sandy shores and amazing food. Couples can also dig into the wide range of cuisines ranging from Mexican to Japanese and Vietnamese to Greek. You and your spouse can take part in the countless water activities during the day and if you guys have any time to spare then head out to enjoy the amazing night life.

Sandbridge Beach, Virginia
Only 15 miles away from the Virginia Beach resort area, the surroundings of Sandbridge Beach gives you the feeling of another heaven. Couples can lie down on the golden colored sands and enjoy the sunset. If you are up for activity, then a trip to the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge can be arranged. Termed as one of the most beautiful beaches of Virginia, Sandbridge Beach is surely one of the best east coast vacation spots of the US.

Gunnison Beach, New Jersey
Located on the Sandy Hook Peninsula in the northeastern corner of New Jersey, Gunnison is one of the most famous clothing optional beach of the world. It’s not that couples can’t wear clothes on this beach, but most people who come to vacation on this beach are nude. There are even signboards for visitors which say that they might encounter nude sunbathers beyond a certain point. Even with the nudist tag, Gunnison is one of the most romantic east coast beaches for couples.

These beaches serve as a perfect romantic getaway for couples wanting to spend some quality time together. To enjoy a comfortable stay it’s advised that couples place their reservations in advance to avoid disappointments on reaching.

Daytona Beach Hotels

This Christmas peek-a-boo into the vast aquatic wealth of Florida. Florida is a place where no place is more than 60 miles away from the beach. It offers quite a number of beaches and therefore it’s hard to decide exactly which one to enjoy and which one to leave unexplored but I have made up my mind to write about Daytona Beach, which is around 40 miles of sparkling blue green water, and silvery sand where you can play, cycle or just slumber. The Atlantic welcomes you with the lukewarm water and actually inspires you to be poetic.

Commercially Daytona is flourished and hospitality is actually an industry there, so accommodation in Daytona is just not a problem. You will definitely find a hotel, which is within your budget. There are hotels on shoestring budget where you’ll have to compromise a little on the cleanliness and there are full-fledged luxury hotels as well where you can certainly behave Prodigal. With the perfect weather and matching scenic beauty, you are sure to overlook these banal trivialities, still let me give you an overview of some hotels in Daytona.

Let’s start with the cheaper ones:
Conch House is definitely not one of the best hotels of Florida and there is only one reason for that which is that the hotel rooms are quite shabby and it is so because of lack of maintenance but if you want a tolerable place with more to spend on exploring the beaches, then this is the best option since it is a mile away from the center of the ocean. The lodging rent starts from $46.

700 N Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach
FL 32118

The Bermuda House is a hotel which would offer you friendly staff and all new renovated rooms. Do not let your friends influence you by saying how the furniture was old and how the rooms were stinking and the bathroom fittings were not working because it has recently undergone a makeover and the rent is hiked up to $69.The location of the hotel for shopaholics is amazing.

2560 N Atlantic Ave
Daytona Beach
FL 32118

Plaza Ocean Club is an 11storey hotel with an overall satisfaction rating of 3.7.There is a parking charge of $5 per day and your pets would be allowed but I can assure you that the hotel is worth it not more. The customer service can be improved. The hotel is close to Daytona International Airport and to the fishing area as well. You can also rent a bicycle or a banana boat and explore the beaches on your own self. The rent is $79 and will certainly live up to your expectations.

640 N Atlantic Ave
Daytona Beach
FL 32118

Acapulco Hotel and Resort is one of the best living experiences that you would have with the rent being $95 and above with an additional parking charge if $5 per day but they have just completed a $10 million renovation work which makes the whole structure so exuberant. It was already a grand mansion; they have increased the degree of grandiose. If you want to be in the center of the din, Acapulco is not the choice for you since it is located in the quieter South Beach side of Daytona though the beach is not very far away. The pool is beautiful and complementary continental breakfast is offered everyday. So here’s the way towards Acapulco

2505 S Atlantic Ave
Daytona Beach Shores
FL 32118

Plaza Resort and Spa: Luxury at its best can be found in this hotel and you can spoil yourself to an extent. This hotel is palatial. It was renovated in 2006. It consists of 14 floors and 324 rooms, with each room having a coffee maker, telephone, television, hair dryer, high-speed Internet access, balcony and terrace. There is a parking charge of $8 per day. The hotel is about 6 miles away from the Daytona international airport. The rent of the hotel is $139.I know it’s a bomb but then once in a while one should splurge on oneself and here comes the address:

Beaches in Sydney

The warm sandy beaches, waves thrashing across the shores, the cool water touching your feet, and the undying sea breeze. Every time someone asks me what would be my favorite travel destination, I can’t help but mention any place that has beautiful beaches. And I’m sure many of you share my passion for beaches. So, when it came to writing an article on the best beaches in Sydney, Australia, I had to jump on the opportunity.

Sydney has some of the most amazing beaches in the world and thousands of tourists select them as one of their travel destinations. The ocean beaches are separated into Northern and Southern beaches. All the beaches are located along the Pacific Ocean coastline and attract tourists and locals all year round because of its wonderful climate. So, if you are planning on putting Sydney as your next vacation spot, perhaps you’d like to know where all the fancy beaches are.

Top 5 Famous and Breathtaking Beaches in Sydney, Australia

Did you know that there are about 70 (big and small) beaches in the city? Yes! Whether you choose the Northern beaches located at the north side of the Sydney Harbour or the Southern beaches located at the Eastern suburbs and Cronulla, you are surly going to be mesmerized with their beauty galore.

Manly Beach

Manly Beach, situated on the Eastern side of the island, is one of Sydney’s most popular beaches. There are many things you can do on this beach. Attractions and activities along the Manly beach include kayaking, swimming, scuba diving, etc. One of the attractions of this beach is the Historical walk which tells us about diseased migrants who harbored at the northern part and then being quarantined by the locals. You can also go for a bike tour on this beach. Just rent a bicycle and stroll off. This beach conducts a lot of festivals like ‘The Food and Wine Festival’ and they have surfing competitions. You can go whale watching and also can see flying fish. There are a lot of hotels around the beach to enjoy the calm and beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

Bondi Beach

The meaning of the word Bondi or Boondi is “the noise of water breaking on the rocks”. This beach is famous worldwide and has a long history of its ownership, finally going public on 9th June, 1882. Thousands of tourists come to this beach to enjoy surfing and swimming. The waves on the northern part of the one km beach are much gentler than the southern part. There have been sightings of dolphins and sharks at this beach in the migration period, but fear not, as this beach has shark nets and you would definitely be safe here. As other beaches in this city, Bondi beach also has a lot of sports and recreational areas and has fine hotels and restaurants.

Tamarama Beach

Just one kilometer south of the Bondi beach, lies the beautiful Tamarama or the Glamarama(as called by locals) beach. The name Glamarama is set by locals because a lot of people, especially trend-setters, come here to be seen. This beach is just seven kilometers away from the business hub in Sydney. The main reason why this beach is famous is because of its location and landscape. It is in between Bondi Beach and Bronte Beach; the area is fairly quiet and has a peaceful atmosphere. It has parks, gully, and a recreational area as it is conveniently accessible. People come here to enjoy picnics, sunbathing, and surfing. All in all, a nice romantic place to take your girlfriend.

Coogee Beach

A lot of tourists find this beach, located at the eastern suburbs very pleasant and charming. This beach is not only safe but good to take your family too. It is circular shaped and looks beautiful. This beach is known for sports and night life. You can choose to go for Pro diving activity, visit massage parlors, or just a walk around the beautiful table top along the beach. The beach has an array of excellent caf├ęs, bars to just sit relax and feel the warm breeze on your face. Of course with all these recreational areas, you have the option of swimming and surfing.

Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach lies between Coogee Beach and Bondi Beach. Every year in December you can enjoy the long distance swimming starting at this beach. The southern part of this beach holds a beautiful 30mts ocean pool. This beach is joined with parks, popular cafes bars and hotels. You can walk or jog along the pathway linking three beaches. You can definitely enjoy swimming and surfing at this beach. You can find a lot of families enjoying their picnics and family oriented fun, like junior surfers, junior surf lifesaving, etc. You definitely should not miss out on this wide beach as it is both fun and peaceful.

Apart from these world famous beaches, Sydney has plenty more to offer its tourists like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. You can read more in detail from the article best places to visit in Australia. Till then, keep researching on more exciting places to see in and around Sydney, Australia, and I hope you have a wonderful time there.